Welcome to Jason's Weather Page

Well as you can tell I am a weather fanatic! some would like to say "Weather Geek!" but
since I do this Kind of thing for a living as I am a Weather Forecaster for the Air National Guard
of which you can check out my UNIT's site. which is going to be updated soon we hope!

104TH Weather Flight MDANG


Here You can Check out some local Conditions
as well  as some other cool things.
I will have some cool images for you
to paruse at your leziure, so ENJOY!

Here are someinteresting Weather sites for
severe weather information.

NWS Maryland: Get local Forecasts here!!!

  The Storm Prediction Center is a valuable tool to Severe Thunderstorm prediction and atmosphereic analysis.

   The National hurricane Center is a great site for the analysis and prediction of tropical weather sstems such as Hurricanes .

  The National Severe Storms Laboratory is a wonderful site that is a major force behind storm prediction , analysis, and theory.

Check out these other sites to fins more interesting
information on weather and related topics:


Here are some other pretty cool pic's to keep you busy here for a few minutes longer!