South-West Asia

Saudi Arabia
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At the Japanese Embassy: Riyadh, Nov '88
10 years later, at the entrance to the historic fort: Riyadh, Nov '98
Shopping around in the desert at the Camel Souqs, Nov '98

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"Welcome to Oman", the sign outside of the international airport:  Seeb, June '97
We hiked up a Wadi (dry river valley) and found a great swimming hole. June '97
A lookout tower in the desert hills: June '97
The Sultan's Palace: Muscat, June '97
We found some tethered camels in the desert: June '97

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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On the ramp in Fujairah, I found a Ukrainian IL-76:   June '97

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At the Western (Wailing) Wall in Old Jerusalem. Sep '97
Floating in the Dead Sea, and the scary rules about it. Sep '97

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This is where I bought a large Turkish Rug.  Adana; Oct '94


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