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From Elizabeth in Denver, CO

I stumbled onto your website while looking for a good place to WCS or country dance in Nashville.  The reviews weren’t too encouraging.  Any new suggestions?

I live in Denver and dance at Stampede.  If you want to WCS, go on Thursday night – it’s all WCS and the floor – while still a race track, is great.  Thursday you don’t have to fight the “stray cowboys” either.  They do an occasional nightclub-2, cha-cha or salsa and periodically throw in a two-step, but it’s primarily WCS.  

Wednesday night is “Ladies night” and is the most crowded night of the week… the good dancing is to be had between 8-10 – after that it’s too smoky to be enjoyable and the crowd gets younger and younger as the night goes on.

From Michael in Virginia

I've recently moved to Virginia from Chicago area. I was searching for country western bars in the area and ran across your sight. your review of The Banque was extremely correct.  

I decided to let you know that about a country western saloon in Mundelein, IL that I thought was wonderful. The website to check out is

I was a regular there and enjoyed myself there greatly. the dancing is awesome. they have a great mix of couples and line dancing. not only for the experienced but also for the beginners and intermediate class dancers.   you should give it a try and give a review on it. they have big name bands and local bands that come just about every weekend and the normal cost for a non band night is 5 dollars. a band night should cost you around 10 dollars. the owner of the bar (art) is a great guy along with his staff. the local radio station us 99 comes every Friday night from 8 till 11 for there Friday night dance party has brought in more of the younger crowd but the older crowd still hangs in there. they have two dance floors one for couples while the line dancers are doing there thing and then they have there main floor. sawdust is in abundance, if you feel you need it let art or any of the staff know and with in a few dances you can slickin up your boots in the corners. anyways I can go on and on but definitely give this place a shot I think you will have a good review for it. please let me know what you think when and or if you decide to give it a shot.

From Jan in Wisconson

If anyone ever gets to the cold north of Wisconsin a great place to stop is the Country Rose Saloon in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It has a great atmosphere and a real Down Home Country feeling.

From Mary in Austin, Texas

I was surprised not to see any mention of clubs in Austin, Texas.  Maybe I just overlooked them.  We regularly go to The South 40 at the corner of South First Street and Ben White Blvd. in south Austin.  Admission is free before 8 o'clock, and Thursday is $1 longnecks till 11 o'clock.  Unfortunately, at 9:30 the dj's change shifts, and the later dj doesn't play what we consider to be good country dance music.  The crowd runs from the late 20's all the way to old-timers.  Some of the old gray-hairs can really put the younger couples to shame!

There's also the Dallas Niteclub which has a really good buffet, as well as some decent country dancing, and also, Midnight Rodeo, which is about on a par with Dallas (minus the buffet.)

A little north of Austin, in Taylor is Denim and Diamonds.  We usually go there when we want to dance on a Saturday night as it doesn't seem quite as crowded as the places in Austin.  They do a very lively line dance there to "Copperhead Road" that is as much fun to watch as it is to do.  Just be sure to bring your ID, as they card everyone without fail.
Good Dancin' to ya!

From Jodi in Ohio

Country bars in Ohio: We know there's Boot Scoot Saloon in Cuyahoga Falls.

From Mark in Connecticut

I will be moving to Washington DC. from CT (within next two months) and would like to know what would be considered the best country dance club in the area.

Where I come from there is a club name "Cadillac Ranch" in Southington CT. which I practically live-in on the weekends. I has a great atmosphere, it is safe (for all the single ladies) and has a huge wooden dance floor.

Take a look at the attached link

If you ever in CT look me up - just look for the guy with marine haircut.

From Chris in Richmond, Virginia

Hi.  I live in Richmond and just wanted to update you on some things. 

Dakota's went out of business back in 1996.  And now Little Texas is called the Power Plant/Comedy Club.  They have top 40s and comedy together, and from what I have heard, save your money.  Some friends and I go to a place called Godfather's just south of Petersburg where they have country almost every weekend.  You have to call to see if it is a country band or not.  But they have great bands, great atmosphere, and overall great dancing and people.  I also grew up in Oklahoma and know In Cahoots and Tumbleweeds very well.  To let you know, Tumbleweeds is not the place to go during the summer when everyone leaves Stillwater to go home for the summer.  But during the school year, it is a great place to party, hang out, play pool (assuming they still have tables), and of course meet many of the opposite sex!


Hi, it's me again.  I forgot to tell you of a place in Phoenix, AZ.  When I lived out in Yuma, my husband and I went up there a couple of times to this place called Mr. Lucky's.  You have a huge dance floor, a great house band, and for that unusual touch, out back they have live bull riding.  Yep, live bull riding!  It is fun to watch when the band takes a break and the DJ gets going.  The people only know a few line dances, and the two steppers aren't the greatest, but hey, you can't beat the live entertainment!
P.S.  If you are ever in Raleigh, NC, got to the Longbranch.  Another great dance place!!

From Patrick in Toronto, Ontario

A little bit more from north of the border. Nashville North in Norval, Ontario just NW of Toronto has great country ambiance, 2 floors, 2 patios, 3 large screens, and a good sized dance floor. Couples dancing from 8-9:30 (my favourite time) on Saturdays, mostly line dance after that interspersed with mostly 2 step. Gets young and crowded after 11.

Club Heidelburg in St. Catharines is a good night as well on Friday nights, not far from Niagara Falls. A nice way to see the Falls and get your dance fix. Good sized dance floor, line or couples instruction early, a fair bit of couples pattern and line dance.

From Jennifer in Jacksonville, FL

Found my way to your website, and noticed you've been to the Crazy Horse in Jacksonville, FL.  If you're ever back in Jax, I'd recommend "Texas" in Orange Park, better music and dancing and more of a "country" atmosphere than
the Crazy Horse.  

I also have to mention Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, TX.  The ultimate dance hall!  A HUGE place, live music almost every weekend, country artists memorabilia lining the walls, pool tables, and even live bull riding.  If you like traveling and going to dance halls, you have to go to Billy Bob's at least once!  

From Mona in Houston, TX:

Bushwackers in Pasadena, TX
Nice dance floor, I think the best in Houston. Open 7 nights a week. Dance lessons Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (I teach there on Tuesday and Wednesday). Whip club meets on Sunday from 6:30 to 9:00 (Only Whip/West Coast music until 9). Doesn't get too crowded on weekends until 10 or 10:30. Most dancers go early. Sunday is 18 and up and gets very crowded later on.

UPDATE:   Bushwackers is now called Bayou City Nights (same owner) and is only open Wednesday through Sunday, with dance lessons on Wednesday and Thursday   (Mona & Sam teach here)

Graham Central Station in Pasadena, TX
Very small dance floor. DJ plays mostly polkas, few 2-steps. Not many experienced dancers. Free dance lessons on Sundays at 8 (I teach those). Karaoke bar and Top 40 club at the same location.

UPDATE: Graham Central Station now has lessons on Thursday instead of Sunday. (Mona & Sam teach here)

Cowboys in Clear Lake, TX     (NOW CLOSED)
New club. Very nice. DJ is the best in Houston. Very good dance music. Not a whole lot of experienced dancers - mostly beginner/intermediate level. Open Wednesday - Sunday. Dance lessons on Wednesday and Thursday and free lessons on Sunday at 6.

Borrowed Money in Clear Lake, TX    (NOW CLOSED)
Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Some experienced dancers. DJ varies. Dance floor sometimes not kept up, but it is a good size. Not much parking available - usually have to valet park. Small pub and top 40 club at same location.

Longhorn Saloon in Houston, TX
THE place to go to dance in Houston. Especially Saturday nights (early). Most dancers in Houston beginner through advanced can be found here. DJ caters to dancers. Floor gets crowded early. Large planter in center of the dance floor can make it difficult to navigate. Most advanced dancers are gone by 10 PM.

Wild West in Houston, TX
Race track dance floor. Sunday is a good night. Marilyn's dance club is there and there is a buffet for about $2.

City Streets in Houston, TX
5 clubs in one. C&W club called "The Rose". Music is OK, floor is not huge. I've never seen any advanced/intermediate dancers there, though this is a popular place. Mostly people who just go around and around, and the floor does get crowded. Also there is a dress code - no T-shirts! (Even for women!)

From Robyn in New York City, NY:

Denim and Diamonds in New York City
An authentic Honky Tonk minus the fights. Twice daily dance lessons and free admission before 8:00. Great food and a sunken dance floor which makes viewing the dancers easy. A great gift shop, upstairs bar with local live bands and two pool tables. An easy, fun place to get your country dancer jones fixed.

Desperadoes in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Huge dance floor and some of the best West Coasters I have ever seen. Huge pool hall and the bars are tiered around the dance floor. Lots of space to dance, socialize and flirt. Free dance lessons nightly.

Cavalier in Savannah, GA
Can't remember exactly where is was, but I had a good time there.

From Jennifer & Missy in Richmond, VA:

Little Texas in Richmond, VA
A great place to dance during the week, although Wednesday is Rock & Roll night.

West Haven in Mechanicsville, VA
This "dive" is about 20 minutes from Richmond, but it has a great dance floor and good clientele. Weekends are best.

Dakota's in Richmond, VA
This was a great place to dance, but has changed it's format recently..... no more country.

From Lisa in Raleigh, NC:

Stampede in Denver, CO
A fun place for dancing and drinking. This is a big place with a racetrack dance floor and a bar in the middle. Saturday night is ladies night, with free drinks for ladies until midnight. Great dancers hang out here, look for them around the Bar in the middle of the dance floor. The floor is great for two-step, but not so great for WCS because of space, but we managed to get in Plenty of WCS while dodging stray cowboy two-steppers.

The Museum Club in Flagstaff, AZ
One of my favorite bars ever. Don't go for the dancing, it's not great. In this small club, dancers two-step in place, and do a mysterious Arizonan dance called the "half-time" which is sort of like East Coast swing. The locals are glad to teach it. What's great about this place is the atmosphere. The Museum Club is situated on historic Route 66. The building is an ancient Taxidermy shop, complete with an every kind of stuffed animal known to man, and native Arizona ponderosa pines holding up the roof. Great live bands on the weekends. After closing time, the bar transforms to an after hours club called the Zoo, the Country music changes to House, and the party keeps going though the wee hours.

From Dawn in Quincy, MI:

The Stampede in Quincy, MI
Hi, just wanted to tell you about our favorite dance club. It was voted the second best dance club in America (about 3 years ago) in Country America Magazine. Hope you can visit someday. If you do, tell them you read about it on the net! Thanks........

From Jim Bob in Clovis, CA:

Jim's Place in Clovis, CA
Among the oldest saloons and dance halls in the valley, with the biggest dance floor in the area. Has great line dancing on Sunday & Wednesday nights. Couples dance lessons Monday & Tuesday nights. There is a line dance party the third Tuesday of the month, and many other party nights. There is a smaller dance floor for the people who want to play. Two 60 inch TVs were recently installed so the dancers can watch themselves dance, kind a cool. Think about us.

From Angel in Charlotte, NC:

Coyote Joe's in Charlotte, NC
There is usually Line dancing and Couples dancing. The Country Kickers usually are out there too, they dance at the races and at concerts. The bar isn't hard to find, it's on Hwy 74 before you get all the way into Charlotte.

From Celeste in Newport News, VA:

The Banque in Norfolk, VA
This place is located in the sailor's capital of the world! If you are looking to meet young (and I do mean young) sailor's (and NOT looking to dance) the Banque is the place to go. Otherwise visit Blakeley's in Chesapeake for country dancing or The Heartbreak Alley in Newport News for great swing dancing (we've trained the DJ)!

From Doug in Charlotte, NC:

Palomino in Charlotte, NC
Good variety of dancing including lots of stop-and-go couples dances, lots of high energy line dances, and some two stepping. No ECS, WCS to speak of. Large dance floor usually big enough to support it's crowds on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturday nights. They have an alternative dance club inside as well. Tuesday nights are $2 admission and free line dance lessons from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Wednesday nights are $1 admission $1 beer. Weekend admission is $3.00 with ladies in free until 9:00 pm on Fridays. Mechanical bull operates on weekends.

Coyote Joe's in Charlotte, NC
Good variety of dancing including ECS and WCS, some two stepping, lots of high energy line dancing, and a few stop-and-go couples dances. Dance floor is too small to support their busy nights which are Wednesday and Saturday. They typically have National Recording acts on Friday nights which are crowded but are dead on Fridays otherwise. Wednesday nights are ladies night admission is $3.00 to $5.00 for men. Weekend admission is $5 to $8.

Longbranch in Raleigh, NC
A virtual skating ring of 2-steppers. If you like to two step and two step and two step, this is the club for you. Very little line dancing or stop-and-go dancing to speak of. Large dance floor, nice club. They have a large alternative dance club and disco club inside as well. Non-members pay $8 on weekend and must have a member to sign you in.

Longbranch in Rock Hill, SC
Two small dance floors that are too slick to stand on much less to dance on. Nice club overall just not enough room to dance. Saturdays are crowded, Fridays tend to be dead.

Cotton Eyed Joe's in Knoxville, TN
The best time I ever had at a dance club. Very big dance floor that accommodates the very large crowds. Good variety of dancing including stop-and-go couples dances, 2-step, ECS, WCS, line dancing, and free style. The music is exclusively from a DJ. The dance floor is very sticky requiring lots of effort to dance. This club draws visitors from Club Dance which is filmed nearby as well as the college crowd from the University of TN. Good crowds on Thursday nights for dance lessons and on Fridays. Saturday nights are unbelievable.

From John in Chicago, IL:

Cadillac Ranch in Bartlette, IL (Chicago)
Nice roomy dance floor, with a mix of line, pattern and couples dancing. Friday and Saturdays usually feature a live band, and they get some great ones here! Cover is $4. Attached restaurant features great dining.

VFW Post in Yorkville, IL (Chicago)
On Friday nights, the Yorkville VFW (Rt. 34 1/2 mile east of Rt. 47) features Country Dancing. This is a nice and friendly place with a good sized area for dancing. Ed and Dauna Boone host this dance, and also offer line and couples dance lessons during the week and on Sundays.

PS. My wife and I often visit the Eagle River/Rhinelander Wisconsin Area and are desperately seeking a country dance place in that area. We have had no luck yet finding one yet. If you know of one, or even where we can look, please let me know!

Other correspondence I've received............

Hi Frank
I also have been to many Honky Tonks and have reviewed a few. I, like you, only hope they help travelers looking for a place to dance. If you like you can add a link to my page of reviews at
Lee & Susan

We might be of some value to your netizens. Please consider a link to
We are one of the leading content providers for country western dance information in the country. We provide club reviews, band reviews, and schedules for a chunk of North Carolina and about 600 step descriptions on site with full links - another 1500 or so mirrored are expected to be in the next site search tool update. I appreciate your reviews. Ron

I just placed the dance steps for Jose' Cuervo on my web page. The address is

Hi Frank:
I sent the dance to you yesterday and soon as I received your E-mail request. Did you get it? Marilee

We have the step sheet for Jose Cuervo97 on our line dance step description page.
If you would like to add a link to our site, a comprehensive site covering "Dance workshops" with many of the top instructors in the country. Also step descriptions for line and partner dances, a dance tips page, as well as a links page, please feel free to do so.Thanks, John.

I'd Rather Be Dancing! Dancin' Around with John & Phyllis

Don Deyne
Southern Illinois (Metro East St Louis area)
Dancin' on the Information Super Highway at

Hey there,,,
I discovered your site through and thought you may be interested in a new internet only Country Music show! It is delivered via Real Audio and can be heard at Comments, suggestions, requests welcome!
Thanks, Eddie Bear

This is Ian Hunt of LiNE DANCING WORLD. I am e-mailing you to ask if it would be possible for you to put a link to my site from yours. This would be greatly appreciated, and I would be glad to do teh same in return. Thankyou, and I look forward to your reply, Ian Hunt LiNE DANCING WORLD

Dear Frank,
I just had a friend point out your CW site to me. You are in the area and include a page on my favorite dance spot, the Juction where I have been dancing since it opened. Were you with the Junction Dancers in the new or old Junction? I wonder if our paths crossed? You might be interested in my web page that locates and monitors CW dance in the Washington-Baltimore area it is called C-W Dance Connection and can be found at
It has been described as "The most complete and current listing of Country Western Dance nightclubs and special events in the Washington and Baltimore area." I would be glad to cross-link our sites. What do you think?

Hi Frank:

Just a quick hello from the Great White North. Very unique graphics on your home page. I like it!!!1 Take a peek at my page when you get a moment and drop me a quick note. I'd love to hear from you.

Best Regards
Deb Crew

Hi. My name is Mona and I live in Houston, Tx. I just wanted to tell you I like your web page. I also teach dancing for a company called Classic Country Dancing. We have a web page at

I was surfing the net and came across your site. Your site is bright and inviting – looks great! To see what’s happening on the Florida country scene, please check out our site at and see what we’re all about.

We cover anything in Florida that has to do with country. Country music,storytelling, bluegrass music, folk music, country dancing, rodeos, pow wows and country fun.

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Thanks for taking a look.


Hi Frank,

Happened across your page by way of You have a club listed in your main page, Houston's in Frebericksburg, VA. with no commentary. Just thought I'd take a moment to comment:

Huge Dance floor!!!! Not quite as large as the dance floor at the Junction, however ... the Junction is now closed. So, Houston's may have the biggest Country Dance Floor in the local DC Area!!! Come over and check it out ... preferably on a Saturday night when Stir Crazy is playing. Yeah ... shameless plug for the band!!!! But you've got to hear (and see) us to appreciate why we pack 'em into the clubs we play!!! Ifyou like to dance in the Northern VA area - we're your band!!! Come visit our web site ( ) & you'll see that we offer more than just GREAT dance music!!! Hope to see ya around soon! By the way Frank, stop by & introduce yourself to the soundman ... we'd love to meet ya!!



If you danced at Shorty's and it was after 10pm, you missed the good dancers in town. Next time you are here, e-mail me at or call our InfoLine (208) 331-7896 and we'll see that you find some real dancers. Your list looks great! I will be checking it out more carefully whenever I travel! In the meantime, check out the website for our new club at


E-mail me if you would like to add comments or updates about a good place to dance.

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