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The Junction in Rockville, MD
This was without a doubt, the best dance bar in the Washington DC/Baltimore Area, yet still had the potential to be one of the top in the country. Many people traveled a long way to dance here, and there was quite a high level of dancing. There was even a 2nd room in the back for Swing and Hustle dancing, or for private lessons during the week.

The Thursday night crowd here is slowing down, but Wednesdays are getting better.... everybody wants to learn new stuff. Line Dancing is king here, lot's of it. A willing partner for a couple's dance can always be found though..

Little Texas II in Baltimore, MD
I've heard it's now owned by the owner of Little Texas in Richmond, VA. Formerly known as "Silverado's". It's been reopened with virtually no change in appearance at all. It's time we had some dancers migrate to the Baltimore area, and this'll be where they come. Both nights of the weekend are good. The regular DJ gets pretty annoying though; he really likes to hear himself talk and seems to think people like seeing him take his pants off.

Red Moon Saloon
A very small dancefloor with a few obstacles that don't help much either. But people continue to come here to dance. It's located in the Holiday Inn on the grounds of Fair Lakes Mall, right off route 66.

6710 Commerce St Springfield, VA (703) 971-4200

GW's in Alexandria, VA

Red Roper in Clarksville, TN
The name of the bar denotes "Line Dancing", but there is plenty of couples dancing going on here, but only among a small group of people.

Guitar's & Cadillac's in Des Moines, IA
I've heard through the grapevine that this place has changed it's format since I was there in Mar '96. It's no longer country. I had a good time here, with a very small group of swing dancers.

Cactus Annie's in Dayton, OH
Or as some locals call it, "Cactus Granny's"...... There's a nice, large dance floor. Most everyone can Two Step, you might even find a few WCS dancers.

The Stampede in Quincy, MI
Somewhere between Battle Creek, Michigan and Fort Wayne, Indiana sits this happy place. I found it because of an E-mail I received, and I'm glad I investigated. There's not much around this town, but the people that come to the bar drive from several surrounding states and Canada to come here. They have regular visits from nationally known dancers too (Jo Thompson was coming soon after my visit). Some people knew WCS, but the line dancing is strong here too, with most that I know already on the playsheet. See the review that I received.

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