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You should see my personal review of over 65 Country Dancing Bars that I've been to in North America.

You may also benefit from more specific information about places to dance in the Baltimore/Washington area.

Unfortunately, our favorite bars sometimes close.   See the Country Bar Graveyard.

I have also received several Contributed Reviews of Country Dance Bars in the US. You can also contribute suggested places to dance.

You can see another page I created, that has Links to other sites with more Regionally Specific dance information.

You can also view some Line Dance descriptions. I don't do that many of them, so I've only included the ones I know and like. Also includes Links to better Line Dance sites.

You've gotta see the homepage of The BadGirls , an all female dance team from the tidewater area of Virginia.

Go to the UCWDC Webpage for information on other upcoming country dance competitions all around the US and the world. (United CountryWestern Dance Council).


The UCWDC Worlds 2001 Country Dance Championships are complete, view the website...

Barry Durand's Event, The Easterns Invitational country dance competition in coming up in May. Be there....  Barry also hosts the Swing Fling in August, another fun event.
Kristin Marstiller's Event, The Chesapeake Jubilee here in Baltimore comes around in July.  I'll usually attend if I'm in town.
The New Mexico Dance Fiesta is probably my favorite of all events, I've always had a great time in Albuquerque.
The Paradise Country dance festival in San Diego, CA in October.... I've made it to this one for the past three years. The people in this area are great dancers, they've always made this out of towner feel right at home.
Lisa West (Austin)'s Christmas in Dixie was a fun event.   I'll certainly return next year.

The next West Virginia Country Camping Weekend that I host is this April. It coincides with a great wine festival in nearby Berkeley Springs. Check out the webpage for more information, directions, and photos from past weekends.

See my Country Dancing Photos from my photo gallery section. Many other non-country photos of my travels around the world can be found here in the gallery too.

Frank & Jo See Jo Thompson's webpage

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