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For complete information on Bars outside of the Baltimore/Washington area,
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Bars & Nightclubs

Cancun Cantina
A fun bar near BWI airport. The level of dancing is low to average, but it's alot of fun here regardless. There is an alternative bar on the deck, and during the summer they have LIVE Bullriding on one night of the week. Wednesday nights are the best here; Ladies night. I always have a good time here..

Spurs in Waldorf, MD
Pinefield South Shopping Center Waldorf, MD (301) 843-9964

Lucas McCain's in Frederick, MD
This place has been around for awhile. I used to come here years ago on Thursday nights, always had a good time. They are receiving an increase in dancers since the Junction closed down. The dancefloor gets crowded, but there always to seems to be room somewhere. The layout is a little unusual; the dancefloor is in the middle of the bar. Yes, you must walk through the dancefloor to get to the other side...... I like it here... I'll keep coming back.

Charlie's in Frederick, MD
Don't waste your time. You can listen to country music hear, but don't expect to dance. Just sit and have a beer.

Stabile's in Baltimore, MD
"Forget it"

Re-occurring Events

Cherry Hill Campground

Kenny & Donna Roesel
Dean Garrish & Dawn Blorstadt

Hollywood Ballroom 2126 Industrial Parkway Silver Spring MD 20904 (301) 622-5494

Jim Davis - Thursday Nights

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