The Bad Girls

    The Bad Girls is an all female country western performance and competition dance team from Chesapeake, Virginia.

    It was approximately two years ago that we started out as a group of eight individuals. At our very first dance competition, the Atlantic Seashore Dance Faire in Williamsburg, VA, we placed second overall. Shortly after that, our young team competed at World's IV in Nashville, and placed an impressive third place. While in Nashville, we had a blast performing on the Wild Horse Saloon.

    In two short years, we have grown to an eighteen member team. Each member has been hand-picked for her presentation and dance ability by our team captain, Dihann Geier. Recently, we held our first Bad Girl open audition. Of the eleven that showed up, three new members were chosen.
    Upon joining our team, each new member is given a copy of the Bad Girl Commandments, a list of ten rules that we all must abide. Each team member is expected to have a team job. Examples of such jobs to help keep the team running smoothly are: costumes, bookings, treasury, fundraising and publicity. We practice one to four times per week at a local YMCA chapter, and then hold a team meeting after practice at a nearby restaurant where we can discuss our goals and upcoming events.

    We are all self-motivated and enjoy the competition aspect of our dancing. We love to watch our audience come alive and we try to always remember that we are dancing for our audience. We try to dance routines that are exciting to watch as well as fun to dance. With each new routine, we desire to become the best. We have worked with many well known choreographers such as: Barry Durand, A.T. Kinson, Dawn Blorstad and Jeff Bartholomew.

    At one of our team meetings, we sat in a circle and answered this question: "What is your favorite thing about this team?" While many answers included comments about enjoying performing, wearing pretty costumes, and making new friends, the overhelming theme seemed to be self-esteem. For some, this was the first time they had done something for themselves in a long time. the sense of accomplishment and self-worth is what drives these wonderful individuals to work so hard to make this team what it is.

    Competitions comprise only part of our dancing activities. We have been involved with many philanthropic events such as the Marine Corps "Toys for Tots," St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and a special event for the children of two fallen local firefighters. We have also danced for a local nursing home, and the Sheriff's Food Festival to benefit elderly abuse victims.

    Unique events for us have included dancing for 300 foreign Olympians, dancing at the ABC Fall Preview Party 1996, dancing at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater for Clay Walker, and choreographing a line dance for Troy Hedspeth.

    Our love of country dancing has filtered down to our children, many of who are on the Country Kids dance team. Even through the death of a teammate's brother-in-law and a teammate's fiance, we have been, and will always be there for one another. We have become a sorority of individuals who support each other through tragedy and triumph.

Thank You,
The Bad Girls

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